Jurgen Baumgart

Itís a 750 from 1994. I rode it stock for a year before a slowly changed it every winter. At first small stuff, like
hiding the electrical system inside the handlebar, a new seat etc. After a while I wanted some rake and put on a
5 degree triple tree and lowered the rear of bike to level it out. Later on I changed the fenders (had to reweld
the frame to make the fender fit. Also made a solosadle.

After another couple of years I wanted more rake and a longer fork. The neck was cut of the frame and
rewelded at a 45 degree angle. I also have 5 degree in the wide triple tree to have a perfect trail. The upper
legs are 8Ē over stock.

The handlebar is without any switches. Starter- horn dials etc, are hidden on the left side dummy airfilter. The
mini led light in the backfender is completely inside the fender.

I have made a fake frame around the engine too make it look like a traditional frame. Itís boltet to the original
frame and engine. Forward controls are home made.

Just thought I let you know how I keep up my bike interest during the long off-season here in Sweden.
When the cold weather donít let
you ride, one can always modify on the bike.

This winter I plan to build a longfork chopper on a VStar 1100.

Jurgen Baumgart