Martin Schneuer
Y. Chile, South America
1993 Virago 750
1997 Virago 1100

Vistacuise Control (new short system)

It replaced the old system with a bar that cross in front of controls. I took the idea from Mark’s KLR page You should ask the new system for Yamaha double cable accelerator and specify
the handlebar diameter. Move the grip to create space. You need to modify the metallic small plate provided below the
accelerator, where it is bolted.

No modification or drilling is required as per shown in Mark’s page.

Clocks and thermometer

I bought the analog clock and thermometer at Brookstone

I installed both units in an aluminum bar, which is fixed with a 3M Velcro, so you can detach the units for washing the bike.

An alternative is the Radioshack clock installed the same way.

[and my always ready mechanic]

My floor boards came from Chaparral Motorsports

Universal Mini Floorboards- Male Mount, Item # CC05-103, Price: $39.99

You need just a few washers, and to cut as shown in the figure.

You need to cut a lower piece at the brake side to clear the brake lever (thanks to Gust Jenson for the tip)


Please see the interest of my always ready mechanic

Toe / Heel shifting

I bought an Honda 50 cc shifting pedal from in a salvage yard, cut it
and welded as you can see in the picture. Do not weld 360 degrees the
arm shift to allow the bolt to tight against the drive shaft.

Detachable Trunk (top case)

I fabricated a rack that is fixed to the internal bolts of the backseat, and the back part of the saddlebag support. You can add a
Plastic case like Givi or other detachables cases that are removed just with the turn of a key.

Wind deflector

I installed the Memhis Sahdes wind deflectors. It is very easy to mount.
You receive wind, but deflect the drag force at high speed very well.
The nice thing of the Memhis shades is that you can fabricate other size and forms plates and replace them very easily.
National Cycle sells chrome units. I do not know if are effective.

Yamaha Faring
[ more info & pics later]


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Many thanks.  Martin’s pictures and details were very well done.
Sadly, he didn’t mention where he’d gotten a hold of the throttle lock.  Like him,
I expected to have to modify things a bit, but was confounded
by the lack of information on where to actually get my hands on the Vista-Cruise product…
finally found one (not the universal model, but the one adaptable to Yamaha’s like Martin’s)
at and am now waiting for the shipment to arrive.  Much obliged,