"Gust Jenson"
Never met a person I couldn't learn from.
95 Virago 750
83 Virago 920 Hack'd
Gust in  Wisconsin

Pictures of an adjustable backrest/luggage rack from a Yamaha 82 XJ 650 as
installed in an 83 920.

Picture 1 is a side view with back rest in full extension position to support the driver.
Picture 2 is a back view, which, in my childish manner, includes my latest"bumper sticker".
Picture 3 is side view without "luggage" with rest in full extension.
Picture 4 is side view with rest in "sissy bar" position for both passenger and luggage.

Picture 5 is rear view and shows how it is mounted and also the fact that
the back rest can be adjusted further rearward from the sissy bar position.

Procedure: Remove stock back padmGet aluminum bar cut and bend to fit in channels where
stock back pad legs fit. Drill hole's for mounting on existing bolts inside sissy bar legs.
Stove top bolt through luggage rack supports with strip of aluminum
(seat support of lawnchair) looped around bolt and pop riveted to aluminum bar.

                 Dismantle backrest/luggage rack and mount supports inside frame to sissy bar bottom bolts
(just in front of signal lights). (NOTE: The supports will be closer to each other than
originally, which makes the following step necessary.) The 2 cross rectangular luggage rack bars
(which bolt to the supports) have channels cut into the bottom for stove bolts and you will find the
channels do not extend far enough to allow bolts to match up with holes in supports.
With your trusty Dremel and a cut off wheel, extend the channels centerward until bolts and
holes match. (NOTE: Cut the channels to the narrower of the two widths you will find
on the bottom of the luggage rack bars.)

Install and ride into the sunset as the townsfolk ask each other, "Who was that masked man?"