"Gust Jenson"
Never met a person I couldn't learn from.
95 Virago 750
83 Virago 920 Hack'd
Gust in  Wisconsin

A  Beached Whale to Sit Upon for a 95, 750

I worked on designing this seat, off and on for a year or so. Basically
scavenged foam from lawn chairs, life jackets, gardeners kneeling pads,
packing crates, etc. cut to various shapes, duct taped the concoctions
together in various configurations, covered with sheep skin and rode a few
to 100's of miles, before "tweaking" it. After a dozen or so "tweaks" I came
up with what looks like a "beached whale". That is, it was designed by trial
and error for comfort, not looks.

Course, the same thing has been said of yours truly. ;-).

It is 19 inches long and 16 inches wide at the widest. It tapers to 7 inches
wide at the front and 11 at the rear. From base of seat to top an tallest is
8 inches. The back section is original Virago seat and all is on the
original seat pan.

OEM seat pan, auto upholstery foam, gel pad just under cover.

In riding position with feet on floorboards, top of knees are 2 inches below
hip bone, which is connected to the (Whoops, wrong page, sorry ;-))

I had sat on/measured a BMW seat which was comfortable and found it to be
about 16 inches wide so worked with that dimension.

I'm kind of wide across the beam, myself.so now don't hang over ;-). The 19
inches gives the room to move up and back.

Any other measurements you might want, please let me know. I can give what
worked/did not work for me, but in the final analysis it will be an
individual design to fit your very own, personal  rear end.

I think this must be what is meant by , "Flying by the seat of your pants". ;-)

Other stuff:

Floorboards are wonderful, IMHO. Also, by raising the seat I had room to
adjust the handlebars upward for better riding posture and by raising seat
now windshield a couple inches too short :-(.

Back rest as installed on pack or duffle bag when camping enhances LDR.

Embarrassing admissions/facts: the seat fits a 6 ft, 230 lb. (on good days),
30 inch in-seam, 40 waist quite comfortably.

Cost $225 but w/o gel pad would have been $100 less. Current impression:
posture/seating position more important than gel pad.

I carry more camping stuff than passengers so did not pay attention to
potential passengers.

All-in-All, things to make ride more comfortable/comforting: one-of-a-kind
seat:LED brake lights: headlight modulator; floorboards:1100 battery with
remote charging hookup:Jardine luggage rack; foot pegs; saddle bags: tank
bra and pocket; fork bag; windshield: Nolan flip face; other stuff.